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Decorative Concrete Material Supplier providing award winning concrete materials for concrete countertops, concrete sinks, concrete flooring, vertical concrete, concrete walls, countertop epoxy, floor epoxy, solvent sealers, mica, and more.

SBC Marble Coat Mix - For Countertops, Flooring, SinkcCrete & CabinetCrete

25lb Bag Mix $33.00 ea. A High Strength Fine Aggregate and Cementitious burn trowel Mix. Will Cover 56 – 60 square feet total.


SBC Bond Coat Mix- For Countertops, Flooring, SinkCrete & CabinetCrete

25lb Bag Mix $33.00 ea.

A High Strength Multi Aggregate and Cement Bonding Coat over Tile or Formica. Will Cover 32 – 36 square feet total.


Concrete Polymer Concentrate - Mix with SBC Bond Coat & SBC Marble Coat

2 Gallon $97.00

Can be used for any decorative concrete application, such as concrete countertop mixes, vertical concrete, concrete flooring etc.


SBC Highest Density White Pozzolan Solid Pour Countertop Admixture

25lb Mix $47.00

Highest Density solid pour add mix that can be added to standard concrete mixes. Use in addition with SBC Marble Coat Admixture for maximum results. Both admixtures can be added to 80 pound bags of Quickcrete, Sakrete or other similar pre bagged concrete mixes. If available, ask for 80 pound concrete bag mixes that have at least 5,000 pounds per square inch compression strength & High Early. (fast setting)

For best solid pour ad mix results, add 32 ounces of SBC Marble Coat & also add 32 ounces of SBC High Density White pozzolan Solid Pour Countertop Admixture in with the 80 pound pre bagged concrete mixes. This quantity will achieve and surpass most expensive countertop mixes that you may find in the industry. With the dose given, you will be able to modify 8 - 80 pound concrete bags and 16 - 80 pound concrete bags if you cut the recommended ad mix dose in half. Both ratios polish out very shiny and create a dense countertop mix. Newbie mixing tip: if not using a large concrete mixer, consider mixing up each 80 pound bag split in two into two 5 gallon buckets. After adding your liquids ( approximately 1-1/4 gallons per empty 5 gallon bucket) Add each dose of add mixes into both buckets and also half of the 80 pound bag mix, stir with a half inch variable speed drill and a four sided mud beater paddle, mix as close as possible to your desired mix consistency then pour both buckets into a clean 6 cubic foot wheel barrow for further mix perfection. You can add 3-4 five gallon buckets of mix into your wheel barrow. Now carefully use the drill to mix all mixes together and also add liquids or powders to achieve your desired mix consistency.



1 GALLON & 2 GALLON KITS - Starting At $157.00 per 1 Gallon Kit & 237.00 Per 2 Gallon Kit

Liquid Glass Concrete Countertop Epoxy, Super durable, handles up to 500 degrees heat. Can apply a coat of wax for extra scratch resistance.  A 100% solids part A & B Crystal Clear Epoxy, 

1 Gallon Kit covers approximately 40 square feet with thick layer.  



These are the Highest Strength Fibers available in the Market! Ideal for High Strength Concrete Countertop & Sink Fabrications.

2.5LB - $22.00


Siliconized Thermo Plastic Colorants

Bottle Size: 4oz $12.97 EA

colorants Create 12 to 16 ounces of ready to use colorant when diluted with water. For beginners start with 1 part paint, 2-3 parts water. Less water will help you get your colorations more crisp.

A durable, water repellent, solid color stain designed to help protect and enhance both exterior and interior, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. The Siliconized Thermo Plastic Colorants were created with high-performance, that forms a strong long-lasting, opaque film on properly prepared surfaces. Where to use: Properly prepared Interior or Exterior surfaces such as: Concrete, Masonry Walls, Basements, Patios, Sidewalks, Driveways*, Garage Floors*, Tennis Courts, Cement Blocks, Pillars and Brick. Not for use on surfaces subject to hydrostatic pressure.

PURCHASE SBC COLORANTS (choose colors at shopping cart)


KIT OF 10 ASSORTED COLORS / 2 oz Jars -KIT PRICE $133.00

Each 2oz Epoxy Pigment Will Mix with up to 10 gallons of epoxy. Add SBC Pearl White Pearlescent (100% Pearlescent) & Now you have SBC Metallics. See our product Pearl White Pearlescent a few products down to the right.


SBC Pearl White Pearlescent 100 % PURE

8 OZ - $37.00 OR

There are many spin offs using the SBC 100% Pearl White Pearlescent The floor picture in the image to the left was a combination of SBC Acrylics, and a very small pinch of 100% Pure Pearl White Pearlescent was added to the SBC Floor Epoxy and for higher intensity another pinch can also be added to the solvent based polyurethane sealer. The SBC 100% Pearl White Pearlescent is the most economical and unlimited option in the industry, it’s used as a starting point base and SBC Pearlescent Tints can be added to it to create all common colors and 100’s of uncommon colors. Pearl White Pearlescent and color tints can also be added to your water base sealer or polymers and lightly rolled over floors, countertops, water walls and vertical wall finishes.



1 1/2" & Larger Jewelry Stone Mica Flakes

3 Colors to choose from, Natural Granite, Green White & Dark Brown/Black. (8oz bags will cover approximately 64 sq. ft.) These real stone flakes will make your countertops, vertical concrete, boulders, rocks look absolutely realistic! NOTE! For quantities of 250lbs or 500lbs, please call our office to place your order. Shipping is on pallets by freight for best pricing.

8oz - $22.00 ea

12.5lb - $99.00 ea




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