Ready or Not


BEST MESSAGES YOU'LL EVER HEAR! VISIT ONE OF THE BEST CHURCHES IN ARIZONA, CCV (Christ Church Of The Valley). Here is their latest message...."READY OR NOT."...You can fight it, you can try and resist it, but life is all about change. Sometimes it’s welcome, and we root for it. Other times it’s the last thing we want or saw coming. One thing is certain though, when change comes, it will bring both opportunities and dangers. Join us for this new series, Ready or Not, where we’ll learn how to not only survive the transitions of life but to thrive in the midst of them.


Ready or Not (Week 1)

Discuss 1
This weekend, Ashley shared that you’re never more teachable than in
the midst of a transion.
Share a change that you didn’t expect in your
life. How did you react in the moment?

Discuss 2
Paul was stubborn and unwilling to change, so God had to physically
blind him to help him see spiritually. During your change or transion,
how have you been able to see God’s plan for growth through it?
Read: Acts 9:1-9

Discuss 3
God brought Ananias and the other apostles into Paul’s life to help him
through his change and transion.
Who is someone or a group in your
life that has helped you see God’s plan in the midst of your change or
transion? How did community help you grow? Read: Acts 9:10-19

Discuss 4
From Ashley’s takeaway, which queson
do you need to answer to help
you grow? What steps can you take to align with God’s plan for growth?
1. What change do I need to embrace?
2. What is God teaching me through this?
3. Who is helping me walk through it?
Read: Deuteronomy 31:6, Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28