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DIY Concrete Countertops Training Covers Start To Finish of Making Concrete Countertops Utilizing Either Solid Pour Methods and Overlay Process Going Over Existing Formica, Tile and other surfaces.  "CONCRETE COUNTERTOP TRAINING CLASS IS INCLUDED IN THE SBC PRO DECORATIVE CONCRETE COURSE ON VIDEO " 9 CLASSES FOR ONLY $697.00


Covers All the Methods, Techniques and Trade Secrets used in the Decorative Concrete Countertop Industry as well as Our Own Exclusive Methods, and Raw Material Formulations to efficiently construct Solid Pour Countertops or Overlays over Formica or Tiled Countertops.

Covers Basic Cements, Hydraulic Cements, Hybrid Polymers, Aggregates, Synthetic Aggregates, Colorants, & Sealant options for all Construction Methods. Forming, Troweling, Stamping, Specialty Texturing, as well as our own exclusive methods of Replicating Textures, Creating Chiseled Edges and producing Dazzling Inlay Applications for Solid Pours or Overlay Techniques over existing Countertops.

Covers how to create High End Concrete Countertops through the use of Molds, Specialty Material Blends, Polishing Methods, Carving Methods, Multi-Colored Cements, Crushed Metals and Marble Dust Stacking, Finish Polishing & Vast options of Color Stacking.

The Formulations and Recipes alone, are worth the Class Cost Ten Times Over! In Reality, truly replicating such Authentic Marble, Stone, and High End Finishes as you will be taught, really are not attainable at these levels with any distributed or basic A, B, C ingredients being sold on the Market. It's just too costly from a Distributor's viewpoint, but from an In House Usage view point, it's much, much, much cheaper than buying Overpriced basic products and Your Standards For Durability factors will be so much, Higher! I offer LIFETIME WARRANTIES on ALL APPLICATIONS I INSTALL & the ability to maximize material recipes is why!!!

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