Good evening Tammi, The classes my son and I attended were very informative and we enjoyed ourselves with all of the hand on projects. I really enjoyed participating and getting some hands on experience and look forward to collaborating with you guys in the near future when my schedule frees up a bit. Thank you guys for being the kind hearted people that you are and allowing us the opportunity for training. Thanks, Michael Francois

Hi Tammy, thank you so much.it was a pleasure meeting you and Bryan. 
The training was amazing and I'm very happy to have joined the team.it was well worth it.

Jose Diaz

I had it a great time at the class. I learned a ton and I know there is much much more to still learn. I am very excited about possibilities of working with these products in the future. I really liked Brian's knowledge and willingness to answer any and all questions during the class. 
He did a GREAT job!!! 

Glenn Hadley

I had an excellent time at the training, It’s 100% worth taking. Best thing I could have done to help deal with my fathers passing. Everyone in my office says I’m a changed person since I have returned. 
Thanks again.
 Michael Dellovade

Whether it's for contracting or a hobby, this class will get you there. If you weren't sure about the possibilities for success in the Decorative Concrete Industry when you arrived in Phoenix, you will be when you leave. Bryan is very patient and inspirational. His passion for the industry makes learning fun. Bryan and Tammi are top shelf people in my book. I feel like I left with 2 new friends., Thanks again you guys!


What do you say? This was a great time. You meet so many people from all different places. The Family feeling you get when you first get there until the time you leave is so unbelievable! If you watch the DVDS, its great but going to the class was the greatest! I am proud to be a member of your class and more important, the Family of Something Better Company. Thank you Bryan & Tammi for Everything!


Bryan Gauthier of Something Better Co. has a unique ability to integrate his artistic talent with practical methods as displayed in the roller system he has developed which allows virtually any one to create a variety of deep realistic textures from wood bark to cobblestone simply by following his easy to understand step by step instructions as well as other products and procedures he uses and teaches in his business.


This class has been Great! It's informative and inspires creativity. Bryan and Tammi are not average people and neither is their Company. They sincerely are SOMETHING BETTER!


I had no idea that so many creations could be made out of concrete. Great hands-on training. So much information, I think I'll redo my entire house. Thanks Bryan & Thanks Tammi (GREAT Cook!)


I was pleasantly surprised by this class. It is very hard for us to find good Decorative Concrete Classes, but THIS one was tops! Everything from start to finish is very informative and is broken down easy enough to understand! A+++ you GUYS!


I really enjoyed the class and I would recommend this class to anyone. No matter what your skill level is you are instructed how to complete any of our projects with clear and simple terms that you will understand. With the option to call or email for further instruction is a great option!!! I would definitely take this class again, the part I loved the most was the one-on-one help when it was needed. Bryan & Tammi were awesome! Keep up the good work!


The class "High-End Concrete Coating Design" by Something Better Co. meets the goals and objectives of the class to provide the students' with step-by-step information about how to develop various creative and intriguing concrete projects to be used at home. This artist/instructor is highly knowledgeable in this and other areas. He presents in an understandable way how to produce the projects that you can use at home and ongoing training is provided if needed. I would recommend this class without hesitation!


"Yes, I WILL take this class again. I enjoyed every minute of the class and its hard to pick just one thing. Bryan is a genuine person and his desire to help others succeed shows in everything he teaches in the class. The thing that stands out the most to me when I look back over the week, is the knowledge and friendships that I gained. I am a much better person today and I thank Bryan & Tammi for showing me a "Better Path". I have attended numerous classes and seminars over the years and have never enjoyed any of them as much as this class. The excitement of what is next, was evident with everyone attending. Everyone was eager to participate and even more eager to share their knowledge with each other after class. Bryan is full of energy, & knowledge. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of taking a class to do so with Bryan, it will open your mind to all the possibilities out there.


My Testimony Starts and Ends with God! He brought me back to Life after a long dark journey. It has been 8 years since I have been born anew and his grace upon me is extrodinary! My Path continues to grow an dbrighten, I am humbled beyond words. This Training Class is apart of His Plan for me, as well as the relationships that have been planted. I thank Him for this opportunity and will bring glory to Him in all as I use my new knowledge and skills! Thank you Both for being the Vessels that you are. There were many things I enjoyed, but if I had to narrow it down; it would be the openness & patience Bryan and Tammi put forth. With students at different levels, the heart felt focus is clearly displayed and genuine.


The best way I can describe my experience with Something Better Company is “Endless Possibilities”! Bryan and Tammi deliver what they promise. Tammi said to me once “your success is our success”, she is always there to answer my questions. Their commitment to keep you steady your course is their focus. Support is there whether you attend the training or choose the home study. I can’t express the connection that I felt with Tammi; she is a true kind person with a ton of passion and belief. Bryan’s training material is delivered in a way that anyone can follow and when I struggle I know I can call on them or go to the site and get back on track. Please don’t hesitate to join the SBC Family; they will never let you down. Thank you so much for who you are!


It was wonderful having hands on training to learn how to make simulated flagstone or other colored surfaces for patio's and sidewalks. I also enjoyed making the table top and creating the simulated rock which ended up having one side look like the face of your dog. I enjoyed using the different rollers and stamps to create different sample boards. I liked the fact that previous students were there and showed us pictures of what they had done since the class.


Tammi, I just wanted to say to you thanks so much. Even though it was just 3 days I felt as though it was 3 weeks. You and Bryan are so awesome!!!!! Your family is precious, especially my new little buddy Cayde; hope I spelt it right, he's an awesome, full of everything, and just a funny kid. I learned so much and have been going nonstop with ideas and showing my sample boards off. Kip is a great guy, we hit it off since were both the "redneck" type. I will be ordering some products in the next few days. Gonna sell my dirt bike and make some smart "FAMILY CHOICES" towards created this "ART OF CONCRETE" business. Toys can be fun but a business with great things is a life time, God has really shown his greatness through you and your TEAM. Tell Bryan and Cayde hello and a huge thanks. God Bless You!!!!!!! Your cooking was awesome.


Wanted to thank you and Bryan for providing the Pro Class with an exceptional hands on training environment. Your grace and professionalism allowed each of us work, grow and learn within the scope of our experiences. Working under a master artist is a privilege and honor. The classes not only provided tools and new skills but an unexpected burst of boundless admiration, inspiration and enthusiasm. The future is bright with limitless possibilities and opportunities. Tammi thank you for opening your home and lunch and lunch, what a pleasant delicious nutritious surprise. Your charming, graciousness allowed us to feel comfortable, and cared for as we learned. Here's to a blessed future and friendship.


The sink crete product that i purchased was the "his" petrified wood mold. At first glance when i received it i was very impressed with the quality of the mold. It looks like it could be used many many times with out any issues. At the time of the purchase, i talked to Brian directly and he made sure to notify me of a few tricks from pouring the mold all the way through to removing the mold after casting. This proved to be very helpful and proves another point at how Something Better Company strives to be helpful and honest with everything they do. I have continued my commitment to them with purchasing numerous other products and tools all knowing that i can get the same commitment back from them with any question or need i may have with my projects. Thank You SBC!


Bryan, I can’t wait to get started on my next project! So many plans, so little time! The great thing about your classes, is that whatever creative addition I envision, I feel prepared to tackle it. The mystery behind making boulders, fountains, custom tables and flooring, whatever, has been unveiled! I almost hate letting people know how easy it is to do! Like a magician revealing his secrets, you showed me a way to intrigue my friends. Always like hearing, “how’d you do that?!” Thanks Bryan!


Something Better Co.'s class instructed by Bryan Gauthier was informative and interesting. It's refreshing to learn from someone that not only knows the trade, but actually has created products for the industry. Keep up the positive attitude Bryan!


Besides learning just about everything you wanted to know about how to create quality products and designs with concrete and coating products, the hospitality and instruction was Awesome. I would definitely take the class again.


Bryan & Tammi held a great class. I really gained much knowledge on High End Concrete Coatings and different designs. Everything was very professional & helpful! I now understand how easy it can be to create great looking art with concrete.


Enlightening, fun for all ages, only limited by your imagination! I would recommend this class to all ages.


I believe this is a great product and company, who stand by their product. I was pleased in the hands-on instruction, they were willing to don anything to further our knowledge and understanding. Thanks! I would take this class again, it was a GREAT class!


I would recommend this class to anyone. It was very informative. The class is a hands-on class which was excellent! I was very impressed!!!


I attended the Concrete Coatings Class taught by Bryan Gauthier. His extraordinary high level of craftsmanship is only matched by the vast variety of techniques he has mastered along with his imagination in his work. Learning from Bryan was a great pleasure. I would take the class again, Bryan's skills are very impressive! Interaction between class members was fun and working with a variety of different techniques and colors helped me imagine the possibilities.


Bryan, I just wanted to say that it was a great experience going through your class. Something Better Co. is a cut above the rest, supplying information and the technical know how to do concrete coating and landscape design work. You make it simple to understand the process. I would highly recommend your class to the do-it-yourselfer or the professional seeking to enhance their skills.


Brian ~ I took your class back in January, and wanted to send you a few shots of the finished product. Caught you on Channel 3 today - great piece on the company. The Party Bar is finished and were lovin' it!! Thanks for the opportunity to learn something so unique and creative!


Bryan and the Something Better Co. has the best quality of product for the money. His classes keep you in tune to what is state of the art technology for the changes in the concrete coating business. Bryan has been my supplier for 8 years and constantly lets me know how to save time & money to be more competitive. Thanks Bryan!


Bryan Gauthier of Something Better Co. has a unique ability to integrate his artistic talent with practical methods as displayed in the roller system he has developed which allows virtually any one to create a variety of deep realistic textures from wood bark to cobblestone simply by following his easy to understand step by step instructions as well as other products and procedures he uses and teaches in his business.


We attended one of Bryan’s classes last summer to learn simulated stone techniques for home improvement projects. We loved the class! Bryan was very approachable, and walked us through each step of the process. After the class we felt competent to tackle several different projects—including putting in simulated flagstone around our pool—and confident that Bryan was only a phone call away for advice. The class was well worth our time and money.


I first came to know about Something Better Co. after watching the owner applying one of his flagstone coatings on a job. I remember thinking it will never hold up. I was wrong, after three years it looks the same. I have kept in contact with Bryan and have been impressed with his constant pursuit to create and improve his coatings. His latest success of texture rollers, slate and wall stone, which are my two favorites have changed coatings. They speed up the process time by at least four times and every one knows what that means to the bottom line.


Bryan Gauthier’s book Calculated Life Planning & Goal Setting reveals systems and methods of discipline that will drastically change your life. When I apply the principals that Br yan teaches, I am successful in reaching my goals. When I don’t follow those principals, I must apply crisis management.” The wisdom, direction, and practical application of Calculated Life Planning & Goal Setting will affect thousands of lives! Thank you, Br yan, for giving me insight to set much higher goals that are definitely attainable.


To Whom It May Concern: We enjoyed your class. We think your tools will be very helpful in our creative designs in and out of the homes. Thank you for the information and products that will help our company stay on the leading edge of modern homes.


Integrity, Quality, Creativity and Innovative. These are the Traits of Bryan Gauthier and they are reflected in his products.


As an Artist I appreciate the amount of detail put into Bryan’s rollers. Any of these finishes would be impossible to create without using sculpting techniques which is extremely time consuming.


Bryan, I have got to tell you that I have seen some of the work that you have done. Not only do you do good work but you have always been very helpful.


Out of all the people I trained with Bryan has accomplished by far the most results in a six-month period of all. He has also influenced my life in business and attitude by showing me first hand that no matter what he is dealt there is always a solution and he will outsmart his circumstances and end up on top. His course Becoming An Entrepreneur has helped me increase my income by five times within this last year. Bryan has a very unique gift of teaching and simplifies everything that anyone would need to know about business and life in general. Before anyone considers spending outrageous amounts of money at a business college, I highly recommend this course. I only wish I’d gone this route years ago, it would have saved me a lot of time, money and I’d be a lot farther ahead in life and business. Thanks Bryan , your course has opened my eyes to much bigger dreams that I know are attainable

FRANK BEHR,Personal Trainer

From the moment I met Bryan I fell in love with his “Heart.” He truly desires the success of others. I admire his consistency with his ultimate goal on the destiny of these books, which is not about what he will get out of it once they are published, but it is about YOU “the reader” and what YOU will get out of this book and the hope that you will find your true purpose for your life. In this book Bryan provides so many principles that if you seriously make a conscious decision to apply them to your daily life, you will find that peace you have subconsciously tried to find! The only thing I wish different about this book is that I fell upon it 15 years ago! In working side-by-side with Bryan on these books, I have grown tremendously and achieved great success in areas of my life I never thought possible. Thank you Bryan for your genuine love for others! For your insight, for sharing your wisdom and for giving back what you have received from God!


Absolutely! It's been over a year now since I've received the DVD Pro Course and have still not had the opportunity to go through the hands on class. I look forward to the time that I will get to meet Bryan and Tammi personally and receive hands on training. Saying that, the DVD's guide you every step of the way. Plus Bryan and Tammi have been there along the way answering any questions I may have. They take a personal interest in their students and truly have a passion for their students to succeed. As a DVD pro class member I also have access to any new videos of additional training that Bryan comes up with. That alone is worth the money! Bryan is on the cutting edge of decorative solutions with elegant looks at tremendous cost savings and he shows you how to do it.Bryan and Tammi, thank you so much for your support and help in my personal success. I consider you not only a mentor but also friends.


Bryan, I attended your High-End Concrete Coating Design Workshop on July 17th & 18th, 2006. I was looking forward to attending your workshop to increase my skills for home & job applications. I have 40+ years of experience in the construction field, but have never really touched on this application or anything like it before. I enjoyed learning about all the various techniques of concrete coatings & designs. Your instruction was very informative. I look forward to using the applications from your workshop. You are very motivational and sincere about what you do! I have and will definitely recommend this class! Oh, and Tammi's lunches were GREAT!


"I''m the kind of person that is always looking for "something to do"...something creative that can give me a sense of accomplishment, as well as a sense of personal pride. Prior to this class, the closest I had ever been to concrete was walking on it or maybe passing stacks of the bags of mortar or stucco mix at Home Depot or Lowe's. I stepped out of my comfort zone and became a student of Bryan Gauthier's High-End Concrete Coating class at Something Better Company. While there was structure to the class with a a commitment to covering a number of techniques and applications, there was an open environment in which there was an individualized learning opportunity in any aspect of the concrete curriculum for which any attendee desired additional time or hands-on practice. The purpose of signing up was to learn how to improve an area above my pool. After 2 days with a very nice group of participants as well as the instructor Bryan and his wife Tammi, I find myself trying to find enough time to not only begin my upper deck to the pool but to tackle some other "beauty" projects in my backyard. I would recommend this class for any person who would like to learn something new that truly can make a difference inside their home or in their outdoor living space. AND with Bryan, it is ALL about the people...done with patience, humor, skill and creative talent, as well as good faith and genuine concern about those who want to learn. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to learn many new things and to have met tow such genuinely delightful people, Bryan & Tammi, of Something Better Company!"


May we both take this opportunity to let you know how very happy and pleased we are to be the winners of May 2012 complete course. Thank You.
We are still watching and re watching all the DVD’s so that we can learn the processes involved to design, build, and finish our decorative concrete products and services here in the UK (South Wales).
We are really looking forward to meeting the team in Arizona in September so we can get some hands on experience and see how the pros get the job done. We can’t thank you guys enough for the opportunity you have extended to us through this course, we are over the moon and very excited at what we see as the beginning to a very good relationship, friendship and business opportunity.
Although we are a few thousand miles away from the USA, it has still been a fantastic and friendly journey so far and something that we know will continue. Thank you once again for giving us this amazing opportunity to expand our knowledge and business and also a thank you to Tammi for carrying on helping us in what has been a very sad time for her.


et Bryan at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, I was searching for more information on decorative concrete to add to my flooring business and was amazed at all the artisans that worked with concrete. There where booths after booths of craftsman selling their products which were all comparable. Although great products are out there, they were still very expensive with shipping. Also, if there was a project I needed to do I would need to do it now, not wait or travel far.
When I got home I poured over all the info and called a lot of people. I then received an e-mail from SBC so I called them up. Bryan answered the phone, I was surprised and impressed. He talked with me at length about what his company was about and how he’ll show me secrets on making my own mix that I can buy locally. So I bought the Business Pro Package and watched all the DVDs over and over again. They were very informative and I was excited to get started. I called SBC and Bryan said I could show up and he would give me hands on training. I wanted to learn the art of coloring, vertical concrete, and mix design. I learned that, and so much more, great job!
Bryan has all the characteristics of a great teacher; kindness, humbleness and patience. The classes are a must and so are the videos, but it doesn’t stop there, the ongoing information is priceless! If I have a question at any time all I have to do is call. That is peace of mind. Bryan is a visionary and thinks outside the box. He teaches in a way you can understand with hands on practical information, getting you excited about what you are creating. The possibilities are as far as your creative mind can take it.
I have a few jobs coming up, a fire place with carved stones to the ceiling on either side of the fire place and in the middle a weeping water fall, another is a shower wall, I will use the slate roller for texturing. The rollers are a time saver and the knowledge I received gives me great confidence.
You are never too old or never too young to get into this field either for profit or for your own projects. Bryan and Tammi you guys are great mentors. You’re a good team and you have a great family, I feel I am part of your family at SBC.
Thanks so much for taking the time to fit me in to your class on such short notice.


Dear Bryan and Tammi,

Dear Bryan and Tammi,Thank you so much for the class, it was outstanding. I have been very interested in SBC for many years now and I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to take the first step. I am very excited to continue learning these processes and to become a business owner in the near future. All of you were an absolute blast to spend time with and I know this is just the beginning of a long time friendship. Thanks again for a great class, and I am sure we will be talking to you soon.

God Bless,

Brad Lowry