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Keeping Siblings Together IS Our Priority & Providing Strength To The Family Unit Is Our Focus

Family Stability Matters!

 When a family has the support system they need, they will flourish!

 Life is not without it's challenges, we've all faced rough roads on our journeys, no one escapes needing some type of support at some point in their life. 

 This Little House of Mine Is a pillar of support to Families with general needs and for families in crisis and if needed, can provide resources for Children in need of temporary or permanent placement into a loving Christian Family Home. Every Need Is Unique! As we discover a Family's need, we do our best to come along side the Family to provide support as best we can...

Support Can Include: 

Provision of Food, Medical Supplies & Resources Provision of Household Items, Beds, Furniture, Kitchen Ware, etc. Resources For Counseling, for Marriage, Children and Families Resources of Housing for children, teens, single Mom's Educational Coaching & Career Mentoring Trade School Opportunities for further education

Learn More About This Little House of MIne
+ 1 602-550-2930
PO Box 75492, New River AZ 85087