Best Concrete Texture Rollers


Concrete Texture rollers for concrete textures on floors, walls, water walls, water features, driveways, patios, trim work and more. All rollers are 9 1/2" x 3 1/2" and fit a regular size paint roller handle (handle not included). Each roller comes a water retaining sleeve that fits over the roller. This water retaining sleeve is used instead of using mineral spirits or other chemicals, just place the sleeve over the roller, dip the roller in water and it becomes non-stick without losing the texture created from the roller. Just A Note! The "Original" Tree Bark & Slate Rollers Are Found Here! Our famous texture rollers create the most incredible designs for Water Walls, Landscape Rock & Water Features, Overlay Floors for indoors or out like Flagstone Patios, Wall Designs, Rock Wall Designs, Rocks. Our Texture Tools are great for All Areas of the Decorative Concrete Industry.

Best High End Stone Texture Rollers

Kit Price - $399.00 - PURCHASE ROLLER KIT

Fits standard 6" mini nap roller and cover (not included)
Textures require more Stamp Mix but well worth the High End Textures. A & B are very extreme continuous fractured stone. C is clean & suttle high end stone and D is an aggressive stair step fractured crack creator. Tip: use a pizza slicer for even finer detail at bottom of crack. (It looks 100% authentic if antiqued with dark crack colors)

Best Concrete Wood Texture Rollers


Coolest Wood Textures
KIT PRICE - $399.00

Best concrete texture rollers in the market, all provide very extreme and very far from average textures.

Rollers Fit a standard 9" paint roller frame. 7" texturing length, 6-3/4" diameter & over 18" of continuous deep & extreme high end textures. Each texture roller is oversized and a solid cylinder which provides plenty of weight for very crisp and detailed stamping (Weight approx. 7lbs Ea.), just place onto stamp coat and pull or push roller to achieve the second best thing to casting for such detailed work.  Each of these four wood stamping rollers were chosen from over 30 plus texture options. These four won hands down as being the most unique, liveliest & coolest overall texturing & finished project appearance.  A lot more material was needed to create these rollers but well worth the far higher quality and end results of your projects.  Ideal for flooring, walls, countertops, ceiling panels, faux beams, showers, back splashes, base boards, door trim, water walls, stairs and much more!